Welcome to Feeling Feel, a game about feeling feelings.

To play this game, I only ask that you try to engage with it in truth, not in irony. Upon launching the game, you will be prompted to feel a feeling randomly chosen from a list of feelings and given a short amount of time to feel it. When the time runs out, you will be asked whether or not you have felt the feeling. If you felt the feeling, you win. If you did not feel the feeling, you lose. You can lie about it, or you can go into this game with the intent to feel nothing, or to laugh about how silly an idea it is to feel the feeling prompted. I suggest that if this is the course of action you intend to take, you have already recieved everything this game can give you and your time will be better served by navigating away from this page.

If you believe you would like to play this game, we may now begin.